Heinz Korn and Helga Zitas both came from Germany and settled in Canada in the 1950s. Heinz first lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Helga in Toronto, Ontario. They married in Victoria, British Columbia in 1962 and lived on Vancouver Island for the remainder of their lives. Heinz and Helga are the inspiration for these photos of our travels on Vancouver Island.

Chris Korn (Deserted River)

Railway Trestle (Gray Lake)

Algae (Hisnit Inlet)

Marble (Hisnit Inlet)

Grouse (Jessie Lake)

Maquilla Bridge

Scraggy Trees (Mount St Patrick)

Nanaimo Lakes

Forest (Nanaimo Lakes)

Tyler Korn (Niagara Canyon Trestle)

Bruce Korn (San Josef Bay)

Denise Korn (San Josef Bay)

Dragon Eye (San Josef Bay)

Squirrel Eating Mushroom (San Josef Bay)

Twisted Trees (San Josef Bay)

Mount St Patrick Summit

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