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Korn Enterprises is a Canadian web publishing company founded in Victoria, British Columbia in 1995. Greg Korn was a member of Big Blue and Cousins (www.bbc.org - now known as the Victoria Computer Club) and in 1995 he employed Victoria Online (now defunct) to publish our first web page. Web hosting services were moved to Island Net (www.islandnet.com) in 1996. Many changes have taken place on the world wide web since 1995, most related to the impact of social media. The spread of misinformation or hoaxes in order to cause damage or make gains is now common. And the pressure brought on by social media to project the perfect image is painting an imperfect world. Go for a walk instead.
Tygran Non-Sports Cards (1995 - 2000) was an early internet only site that demonstrated the potential for non brick and mortar businesses catalog 17 November 1996 (islandnet.com/~tygran/tygran.htm)
Who Does That Song (2000 - present) began as a database of albums and songs in the 1970s. With the introduction of database management systems for microcomputers in the 1980s and the growing popularity of the internet in the 1990s, Who Does That Song merged their original database with a computer database online to create an internet searchable database of songs and the artists who recorded them. The integrity and popularity of the site resulted in numerous collaborations including Canada's foremost rock poster artist Bob Masse, and Victoria, British Columbia radio station The Q! rock door winning songs from 2002 to 2014 desktop site

Released in 1989, Rocktoria features Vancouver Island artists drums & wires, Messenger, Revolvers and Turk And The Rat. This LP was developed and promoted by Victoria, British Columbia radio station 100.3 The Q!

Released in 1990, Rocktoria II features Vancouver Island artists Playground Hero, Haven, The Persuaders and The Hop 'N Barleys. This CD was developed and promoted by Victoria, British Columbia radio station 100.3 The Q!

Released in 1991, Rocktoria III features Vancouver Island artists Radio Chaos, monica schraefel & her hungry band, Jho Nek Bhone and Purple City. This CD was developed and promoted by Victoria, British Columbia radio station 100.3 The Q!
You know when you hear a song for the first time and the sights and sounds and feeling of that moment stay with you? This happened to me on a warm, sunny afternoon driving through New Westminster, British Columbia in July 2014. This song comes on the radio and captures the moment perfectly, and the DJ doesn't say who does it! I call the radio station to find out, and "Why I Don't Know" by Victoria, British Columbia band Davenport becomes one of those rare song gems. "Why I Don't Know" was released in 2014 and written by Peter Day and Adam Sutherland. Davenport's first video release was “City Nights Sleep” in 2017.

Buy That Song (2004 - 2005) was a one stop site for finding and buying songs. It utilized the Who Does That Song database for artist, song and year information. Buy That Song also used Amazon Web Services for listening to and purchasing songs (buythatsong.com)
Top 10 Songs (2004 - present) was created in response to the growing popularity of paid song downloads and the lack of global digital song charts in the early 2000s. The first top 10 songs of the year chart in 2005 (desktop page) was topped by “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani. In 2005, "Hollaback Girl" was the first song ever to sell over one million downloads in the United States. From January 2014 to 9 August 2018, Top 10 Songs included streaming with downloading to determine chart rankings. Top 10 Songs now ranks the 10 most influential songs of the week, month and year desktop site or mobile site
Your Top 10 Songs (2010 - 2015) ranked the most popular songs of all time based on user votes for their favourite songs. Users could sign in to vote and to create their own top 10 chart of favourite songs. A compilation of all votes ranked the 100 most popular songs. Users could view other charts and the songs and artists voted as favourites. If user songs were not in the Your Top 10 Songs database, the songs were researched to determine validity and then added to the database for future votes (yourtop10songs.com)
San Josef Bay (2010) was a collection of photos spanning the years from 1984 to 2010. San Josef Bay is in Cape Scott Provincial Park on the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. From the western beach of San Josef Bay, you can hike to Mount St Patrick, which offers a panoramic view of Cape Scott and the surrounding area, when it’s not covered by cloud or fog. The temperate rain forest is home to large moss-covered trees, golden frogs and mushrooms oozing ruby-red liquid onto the forest floor. When spawning coincides with heavy rainfall the salmon follow new rivulets that meander off San Josef River. As the waters recede salmon are left haplessly flopping in the forest (sanjosefbay.com)
tapioca (2011 - 2012) was an assortment of ideas that never found a niche. One comment made by the site was about the date format being used on the world wide web. It stated “Have you ever visited a website, found the information that you were looking for, then checked the date, and found 06/05/01 or 01 05 06 or 10.9.13 or 13-09-10? Most of us have. What exactly do these dates represent?” For example, what is the date on the product box below?

2013 or 2002 or 1959? Pretty sure the month is January. The day? What do you think? In some ways this is not only the information age, but it is also the misinformation age. Another interesting piece was about the Excel 97 flight simulator. The instructions for activating the simulator were: 1. In Excel 97 open a new work sheet 2. Press F5 and type "X97:L97" in the reference box, then click OK 3. Hit your tab key once and you end up in cell M97 4. Press “Ctrl” and “Shift” while clicking on the chart wizard icon (blue/yellow/red bar chart). The flight simulator will now activate. Steer with your mouse, accelerate and decelerate with the left and right mouse buttons (tapio.ca)

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